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The ECCEROBOT project appeared in the following media:

Aug. 11, 2009 "Anthropomimetic robot copies inner structures of human body" IEEE Spectrum Article
Aug. 11, 2009 "ECCEROBOT emulates your musculoskeletal system, looks like Beaker from the Muppets" Engadget Article
Aug. 12, 2009 "ecce robot" Hack a day Article
Aug. 17, 2009 "ECCEROBOT: not via Skynet, but might as well be" Boing Boing Article
Aug. 18, 2009 "Eccerobot" Beyond the Beyond Article
Aug 19, 2009 "Robot with bones moves like us" New Scientist Article
Aug. 28, 2009 "Um robô igual a você - só que por dentro" Info Abril Article
Sep. 21, 2009 "Freakishly Human Automatons" Trend Hunter Online
Mar. 25, 2010 "Frankensteins Traum" MIT Technology Review (only print version available)
Apr. 25, 2010 "Frankensteins Traum" Spiegel Online Article
Jul. 23, 2010 "I, Robot?" New Electronics Online
Aug. 23, 2010 "Den Menschen Verstehen" KEM Online
Feb. 16, 2011 "Watson gegen die Menschheit" Der Spiegel Article
Feb. 28, 2011 "Inside the Mad Science of 7 Renegade Researchers" WIRED Article
May 10, 2011 "Eccerobot" Le Temps Article
July 4, 2011 "Stets zu Diensten" (Ed. 15/2011, pp. 74-76) CT